Why We Avoid Estate Planning

August 4, 2010

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A recent survey at lawyers.com indicates that almost half of all Americans have not had any estate planning documents prepared.  A high percentage of these individuals have done no planning at all, and are placing the risk of possibly devastating consequences on their families.

So why do so many people avoid making such arrangements?  In addition to the reasons cited in the lawyers.com survey, these are some other reasons I have personally heard:

  • “It’s morbid.”
  • “It’s too expensive.”
  • “I don’t need a lawyer, I can just fill out a form.”
  • “A lawyer turned me away because my case was too small.”
  • “I don’t trust lawyers.”
  • “I don’t care what happens, I’ll be dead.”

Over time, I intend to fairly discuss such objections in this blog without condescension or derision.  I will also attempt to show how making a plan for the benefit of your heirs or beneficiaries need not be overly expensive or complicated.  I will try to discuss topics as broadly as possible with the goal of informing, educating, and motivating as many people as possible to lower the percentage of families who could be left devastated by an untimely, or even a timely, death.

However, nothing discussed on this site should be construed as legal advice.  Instead, look here as a resource and perhaps as a motivator to move “Draft Wills” much higher on your personal to-do list.

I welcome any comments, critiques or questions, and look forward to active dialogue with you.  Enjoy and thank you for reading.

 Why We Avoid Estate Planning


Scott R. Zucker, Esq. is the owner of The Zucker Law Firm PLLC, located just outside the Capital Beltway in Annandale, within five miles of the City of Fairfax, the county seat of beautiful Fairfax County, Virginia. The firm focuses mainly on estate planning services for Virginia, Maryland and Pennsylvania clientele, and seeks to do so in an affordable and approachable way. People interested in learning more can contact Scott by phone or email.

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