In Appreciation — October 2010

October 31, 2010

Thank you 150x150 In Appreciation — October 2010
This is the end of my third month of blogging.  To remain humble and thankful, I try to take a post on the last day of each month to thank those that have been of great help and support to me and my efforts.  I have much to be thankful for!

Many think that the world is a benevolent place full of others who are happy to help and work to make life even better.  I tend not to be one of these people.  Cynicism, skepticism, crushing defeats and failures have turned me into the bitter husk of a man that I am today.

However, the more I encounter folks in the legal profession and social media, the more I am forced to soften my outlook.  Fine service, friendliness and helpfulness may not mean a lot to some, but to me, they are a first impression of graciousness and professionalism.

All of the following folks did not hesitate to provide me with a service, information, and encouragement this past month. It is not a coincidence that they all have achieved high levels of success in their endeavors:

  • Karen L. Day, Esq. – Ms. Day is an Alexandria, VA attorney who focuses on Real Estate Law. She recently helped me with a recent real estate closing case, and was very generous, thorough and attentive to my needs.  She also took extra time to volunteer some ideas regarding practice development, and has referred me business.  A professional and classy person.
  • Danielle G. Van Ess, Esq. –Ms. Van Ess is a Massachusetts estate planning attorney. I was recently directed to one of her blog posts on do-it-yourself wills, which was excellent. I referenced it here, and she quickly thanked me. After I asked her a follow-up question, she very quickly responded with honest advice and an invitation to keep in touch. She aptly also focuses her practice on other family matters such as adoption and residential real estate.
  • Hani Sarji – Mr. Sarji is an LLM student at New York Law School, and a blogger at the highly esteemed site. I was quite overwhelmed when he cited one of my posts in this article regarding do-it-yourself estate planning in his blog. After I thanked him, he almost immediately responded with a thoughtful and encouraging note. It was then that I knew that I was dealing with a quality person quite worthy of his accomplishments and notoriety.
  • Kara RobertsLex Blog is one of the leading law blog sites on the web, especially given the efforts of its founder, Kevin O’Keefe. I wanted to find out how I could join up and connected with Ms. Roberts.  In addition to her explaining Lex Blog’s fine services, it was her personable conversation about her home town, football and her offer to connect me with others in the organization from my state that impressed me.
  • Eric Teng – While I introduced Mr. Teng in this post, I also wanted to thank him again here.  A few weeks ago, I was in a real bind, and I called him after the close of business.  Instead of going home like he most likely wanted to, he took an extra half hour to help me work through my problem. See this page at DMD Insight (he’s the first one pictured on the right column) for more on this outstanding person.
  • Andrea, Benjamin and Samantha Zucker – My beautiful and ever-patient wife and children.
  • Syma Zucker – My mother.
  • Carl K. Zucker, Esq. (1934-2002)
 In Appreciation — October 2010
 In Appreciation — October 2010


Scott R. Zucker, Esq. is the owner of The Zucker Law Firm PLLC, located just outside the Capital Beltway in Annandale, within five miles of the City of Fairfax, the county seat of beautiful Fairfax County, Virginia. The firm focuses mainly on estate planning services for Virginia, Maryland and Pennsylvania clientele, and seeks to do so in an affordable and approachable way. People interested in learning more can contact Scott by phone or email.

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