Linking Ideals and Website Disclaimers

November 9, 2010
300px West wing 1934 construction1 Linking Ideals and Website Disclaimers

West Wing upgrades circa 1934. Image via Wikipedia

Changes are afoot at the website.

First, I have tried to upgrade the home page using a new magazine-style format.  Additionally, I am trying to improve the navigability of the site through seven new major categories representing major estate planning phases and considerations.

I am also beginning to link to articles from other sites for your further research at the bottom of the posts.  It has been suggested that one way to attract readers to a website is to exchange links with other similarly-themed websites.  This is usually evidenced on blog sites by “blogrolls” on the left or right column of the homepage, listing multiple related blogs.

Call me naive, but I instead feel that suggested links should be based on the quality of the post rather than whether or not they have referenced my blog.  Should I not recommend a great movie because the script didn’t refer to my law firm?  Should I restrain from recommending a Grisham novel because the author doesn’t respond to my request to include “Thoughts on Wills & Estate Planning” in his next thriller?  I will try to let thoughtful and informational posts and articles rule my choices.

Second, I have added a separate disclaimer page.  I recently saw a recent article that blasted lawyers about the prevalence of disclaimers. There’s even a running joke about them in one of my kids’ favorite movies, “Cars”.

In response to this criticism, consider that attorneys are trained to spot issues and to watch for liabilities and potential lawsuits for our clients, and it is natural to apply this kind of focus to our own practices as well.  Developments in disclaimer language, ethics codes, malpractice insurance, and differing legal entities are the net result.

I would suggest you try not to look at these methods as acts of self-interest or licenses to be more careless or cavalier.  Instead try to see them as attempts to reduce lawsuits, update eroding rules of law and ethics, and continue to evolve the legal profession into an institution upon which the public can rely without hesitation.

Check out my site’s new disclaimer page for this site’s policies.

Additionally, if you have made it this far, please do not hesitate to let me know in the comments section below what you think about both developments to the blog.  Thank you once again for your time.

 Linking Ideals and Website Disclaimers


Scott R. Zucker, Esq. is the owner of The Zucker Law Firm PLLC, located just outside the Capital Beltway in Annandale, within five miles of the City of Fairfax, the county seat of beautiful Fairfax County, Virginia. The firm focuses mainly on estate planning services for Virginia, Maryland and Pennsylvania clientele, and seeks to do so in an affordable and approachable way. People interested in learning more can contact Scott by phone or email.

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