One’s a Scum-Sucking Bottom Dweller and the Other’s a Blogger

June 27, 2012
300px Channelcat One’s a Scum Sucking Bottom Dweller and the Other’s a Blogger

Even this catfish doesn’t sink to the level of certain blog readers.

In case you were unaware, the title to today’s post is a twist on an old joke:  What’s the difference between a catfish and a lawyer?  One is a scum-sucking bottom dweller and the other is a fish.

Unfortunately, a similar twisting of words is the subject of today’s post.  Some of the goals of this blog are to inform, to entertain, and to pretend as much as possible that the author is a nice guy.  However, because of the overwhelming kindness of a colleague today, I have finally decided to share an incident that happened regarding this very blog awhile back.

Appreciation Posts

In the past, I used to post appreciation posts at the end of each month, such as this one, to tell the world about some of the excellent help and support that I had received in the recent past.  It was a nice monthly reminder to myself about how any benefits we receive are rarely, if ever, solely the result of our own actions.  In most cases, the work of others, while not always apparent, is also an integral part of our own successes and accomplishments.

Well, guess what?  Some have deemed it appropriate to take my messages of thanks and turn them on their ear.

The Incident

I have switched the facts and remain vague in sharing the following to protect the innocent.

Let’s say that A is an individual who sells widgets nationwide from a Northern Virginia office local to me.  Let’s further say that in one of my appreciation posts, I wrote a paragraph thanking A, “a local widget salesperson”, for guiding me towards the wonderful widget I use all the time.

Several months later, Mr. X, a buyer for a large retailer, was in need of many widgets.  Mr. X narrowed his choices to buy them from either my friend A, or B, another national widget salesperson.  B got word that A was the main competitor, so B googled A.  B found A mentioned in my blog.  B then notified Mr. X that he should not buy from A because, as my post indicated, A is “a local widget salesperson” and therefore not nearly as qualified to sell widgets to a nationwide retailer.

As a result, A contacted me, thanked me and asked me to remove all references to A from my site.  I did so promptly.  I extend this same offer of removing references to anyone else who may have been harmed in some way by being mentioned here.  Go to my Contact Page for instructions about how to contact me directly.

I am now left feeling hesitation whenever I want to thank someone through this forum, when I instead wish to promote their excellence.  Yet is appreciation more about wanting to publicize another’s good deeds, or is it more about doing what is ultimately best and of the least harm for the other?

Messages to Those Concerned

I have some messages for A, Mr. X, and B, and anyone like them.

  • To A – I still appreciate your help and I apologize for any mess this may have caused.
  • To Mr. X – If you don’t pick A because of something I wrote here, you are making a mistake.  Please verify whatever information you may have with A directly.
  • To B – You represent everything that is wrong about salesmanship and competitiveness in the marketplace.  What you fail to realize is that transactions are about clients’ needs and not some artificial pressure to fill some arbitrary quota.  How about this idea?  If you lose a sale, then improve your product or service.  Or better yet, sell a superior product.

To blog readers, remember that there is a difference between opinions and facts.  Please keep this in mind when using a blog post as a resource for information.

To bloggers, keep in mind that even your kindest words and intentions can be distorted in ways you cannot possibly foresee.  Be sure that any person you commend in your posts wants to be commended publicly (but no worries, personally I hereby readily welcome any public compliments that anyone wishes to share about me).

And Another Thing…

Rania Combs, Esq., is a knowledgeable and gracious estate planning attorney and fellow blogger running a virtual law practice for her Texas clientele.  Today, she not only cited one of my posts in her blog and shared it with her always-growing number of social media followers, but she also followed up with a personal note asking me how an ill family member of mine was doing.  What’s amazing is that I have not mentioned this family member anywhere online in over a year – that represents quite an exceptional attention to detail and sensitivity from Ms. Combs.

I suppose I am taking some kind of risk by sharing my appreciation of this meaningful extension of courtesy by Ms. Combs here.  However, I implore anyone reading this or any other blog anywhere to have the decency and good taste to treat such commendations of Ms. Combs, “A”, and other praiseworthy individuals for what they are on their own merits.  Please don’t take away what they deserve.

 One’s a Scum Sucking Bottom Dweller and the Other’s a Blogger


Scott R. Zucker, Esq. is the owner of The Zucker Law Firm PLLC, located just outside the Capital Beltway in Annandale, within five miles of the City of Fairfax, the county seat of beautiful Fairfax County, Virginia. The firm focuses mainly on estate planning services for Virginia, Maryland and Pennsylvania clientele, and seeks to do so in an affordable and approachable way. People interested in learning more can contact Scott by phone or email.

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2 Responses to One’s a Scum-Sucking Bottom Dweller and the Other’s a Blogger

  1. July 13, 2012 at 12:47 pm

    It’s like they say… no good deed goes unpunished. I’ve been reading here for a few months now, and I think it’s encouraging to see some lightheartedness and appreciation for others. Don’t let them get you down!

    • Scott
      July 17, 2012 at 4:01 pm

      Thank you for your kind words, Tyler! I wish everyone who reads here would be so gracious.

      Thanks for stopping by as well.

      Take care,

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