Estate Tax

Pennsylvania Estate Planning Differences: You Can Go Home Again


I am pleased to announce that I have renewed active status as a Pennsylvania attorney.  While I have done so mainly due to a familial circumstance, I spent most of my first 21 years there, and also worked there as an attorney for an additional 5 years.  It is still home to me in many…

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The Estate Tax: Should We Care?

The Federal Estate Tax has been in the news a great deal lately, mainly because there exists a great uncertainty as to its future. However, a high majority of citizens will never owe it, because one’s estate must be valued at quite a high level before any tax is imposed.  For example, up to one’s…

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Estate Tax Effects on Cross-Owned Life Insurance

Today, Professor Beyer’s blog links to an article regarding the current status of the federal estate tax.  Unfortunately, many are left in a holding pattern while Congress decides whether or not to reinstate the tax before 2011.  If the tax is reinstated, it is unknown  if a decedent’s first $1 million, $3.5 million, $5 million,…

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