Avoiding Estate Planning

Discussions about why people avoid setting up their estate plans, including the lack of understanding the need, perceived high attorney fees, and avoidance due to the nature of the topic.

Estate Planning Post of the Week (May 27 to June 2, 2011)


Introduction (or Why Do We Need an “Estate Planning Post of the Week”?) I have always found it interesting that when it comes to death planning, significantly more people view life insurance as a higher priority than estate planning.  Read more...

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Obama and GOP Agree on Estate Tax: Winners and Losers


Last night, President Obama and leading Republicans came to an agreement to reinstate the estate tax in 2011 and 2012. The agreement exempts an individual’s first $5 million from the tax, and above that amount, the rate maximizes at 35%.  Read more...

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Last-Minute Estate Planning Can Lead to Chaos

Who Should Care for X

I had the misfortune of hearing a dreadful story over the weekend.  It is a fine example of how emotions can run quite high in the weeks leading to death if no estate plan is established, and how the survivors are left to solve complex issues that will have an impact for generations.  Read more...

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Who Will Choose Your Kids’ Guardian and Custodian?


All parents of minor children should have at least a will.  Let me repeat.  All parents of minor children should have at least a will.  If you are a parent with minor children and you don’t have a will, you must get it done. Why?  The following are the major consequences if you do not:…

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4 Fear-Based Reasons Estate Planning is Avoided

Today, we discuss certain fears that lead people away from doing any estate planning.  Our typical response to fear is a “fight or flight” response.  The “flight” response has many colorful names, such as avoidance, escaping, and shutting down. Regarding whether you should initiate estate planning, fear can also come in the form of four…

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Talking to Hear My Own Voicemail

Today’s post goes into significant detail my phone service.  However, please bear with me until the final paragraphs, as there is an actual estate planning point. My home used to have an easy phone set up – one phone line (hereinafter “Line 1”), one fax line (hereinafter “Line 2”), and two “distinctive ring” lines for…

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11 Reasons to Avoid Estate Planning

This weekend, I took my young son and daughter to a movie in which a beloved family cat died. My son especially didn’t enjoy the movie because of this. On the way home, he realized, “Hey! If the cat can die, then everyone will die too!”  Read more...

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Virtual Law Offices: What’s Behind the Mask?

A “virtual” law office?  Is this a new video game?  Another automated service?  Would I get to wear a virtual reality mask? We have discussed here in earlier posts about how the legal profession is trying to respond to the decay in the relationship with clients, especially given the cost, inaccessibility, lack of trust, etc. …

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New Services from Estate Planning Law Firms

In this post, let’s discuss some new ways that some estate planning firms are adjusting their practices to answer some of the main complaints people have about lawyers, including high fees, accessibility, convenience, etc.  These efforts to bridge the gap with clients in need of their services is an excellent step towards building and maintaining…

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“Do I Need a Lawyer to Draft a Will?”

OK, you have our attention. There is now growing debate as to whether or not people can draft their own wills without a lawyer.  What good are we anyway?  You can’t afford us.  You don’t trust us.  We’re inconvenient and inefficient.  You don’t like hourly rates.  You don’t want to risk your dollars on potential…

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