Linking Ideals and Website Disclaimers


Changes are afoot at the website. First, I have tried to upgrade the home page using a new magazine-style format.  Additionally, I am trying to improve the navigability of the site through seven new major categories representing major estate planning phases and considerations.  Read more...

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Virtual Law Offices: What’s Behind the Mask?

A “virtual” law office?  Is this a new video game?  Another automated service?  Would I get to wear a virtual reality mask? We have discussed here in earlier posts about how the legal profession is trying to respond to the decay in the relationship with clients, especially given the cost, inaccessibility, lack of trust, etc. …

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Drive-Thrus & Attorney Fees

In developing this blog, I have received valuable training and coaching from the good folks over at “Start Blogging Today”.  One of the things they emphasize is that the blogger should try to maintain specialization in the blog’s topic rather than an “include the kitchen sink” approach.  I have taken this advice as a challenge…

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