Getting Started

People generally avoid estate planning. Here, we discuss ways to find a lawyer, as well as newer options including virtual law offices and do-it-yourself planning, to hopefully motivate you to get started.

Linking Ideals and Website Disclaimers


Changes are afoot at the website. First, I have tried to upgrade the home page using a new magazine-style format.  Additionally, I am trying to improve the navigability of the site through seven new major categories representing major estate planning phases and considerations.  Read more...

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Quaids and Star Whackers Need a Refresher Course


Attorney-extraordinaire Jason Miller, a regular reader of this blog, alerted me to this ongoing saga about Randy Quaid and his wife Evi. To summarize, the Quaids believe that they are being pursued by a Hollywood cult called the “Star Whackers”. During their “escape”, the Quaids trashed their former home, skipped out on some large hotel…

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Who Will Choose Your Kids’ Guardian and Custodian?


All parents of minor children should have at least a will.  Let me repeat.  All parents of minor children should have at least a will.  If you are a parent with minor children and you don’t have a will, you must get it done. Why?  The following are the major consequences if you do not:…

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19 Prudent Uses of $1000 and Choosing Between Them


I recently spotted an interesting question on Yahoo! Answers:  With an extra $1,000, should one hire an estate planning attorney or a financial planner?  This post will borrow from both disciplines to provide more specificity regarding many ways you can either begin to build or add to your solid financial foundation.  Read more...

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4 Fear-Based Reasons Estate Planning is Avoided

Today, we discuss certain fears that lead people away from doing any estate planning.  Our typical response to fear is a “fight or flight” response.  The “flight” response has many colorful names, such as avoidance, escaping, and shutting down. Regarding whether you should initiate estate planning, fear can also come in the form of four…

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Talking to Hear My Own Voicemail

Today’s post goes into significant detail my phone service.  However, please bear with me until the final paragraphs, as there is an actual estate planning point. My home used to have an easy phone set up – one phone line (hereinafter “Line 1”), one fax line (hereinafter “Line 2”), and two “distinctive ring” lines for…

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5 Simple Ways to Find Your Perfect Lawyer

So you have a legal problem.  How do you find the right lawyer?  As with just about anything, knowledge is your best ally.  Unfortunately, not everyone has great amounts of time to find an appropriate match. Here, we provide the following list as a shortcut.  Check out the advice and websites listed here, and you…

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6 Behaviors to Expect from Your Lawyer

I did what seems to be the unthinkable today for a newer law practice — I had to turn away business.  Instead of getting into any details, let’s discuss some of the most important ethical behaviors and duties that lawyers must take into account before and during representation.  Be sure to expect nothing less from…

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11 Reasons to Avoid Estate Planning

This weekend, I took my young son and daughter to a movie in which a beloved family cat died. My son especially didn’t enjoy the movie because of this. On the way home, he realized, “Hey! If the cat can die, then everyone will die too!”  Read more...

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Virtual Law Offices: What’s Behind the Mask?

A “virtual” law office?  Is this a new video game?  Another automated service?  Would I get to wear a virtual reality mask? We have discussed here in earlier posts about how the legal profession is trying to respond to the decay in the relationship with clients, especially given the cost, inaccessibility, lack of trust, etc. …

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