Getting Started

People generally avoid estate planning. Here, we discuss ways to find a lawyer, as well as newer options including virtual law offices and do-it-yourself planning, to hopefully motivate you to get started.

New Services from Estate Planning Law Firms

In this post, let’s discuss some new ways that some estate planning firms are adjusting their practices to answer some of the main complaints people have about lawyers, including high fees, accessibility, convenience, etc.  These efforts to bridge the gap with clients in need of their services is an excellent step towards building and maintaining…

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“Do I Need a Lawyer to Draft a Will?”

OK, you have our attention. There is now growing debate as to whether or not people can draft their own wills without a lawyer.  What good are we anyway?  You can’t afford us.  You don’t trust us.  We’re inconvenient and inefficient.  You don’t like hourly rates.  You don’t want to risk your dollars on potential…

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Distrust as a Distraction to Planning (Part II)

Last week, we discussed how our skepticism for institutions and each other can deter us from moving forward with estate planning.  This was exemplified by a Washington Post story describing a life insurance company earning more in interest than they were paying out to a family suffering the loss of their military son in action. …

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Drive-Thrus & Attorney Fees

In developing this blog, I have received valuable training and coaching from the good folks over at “Start Blogging Today”.  One of the things they emphasize is that the blogger should try to maintain specialization in the blog’s topic rather than an “include the kitchen sink” approach.  I have taken this advice as a challenge…

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Distrust as a Distraction to Planning (Part I)

While we seem to have ever-increasing access and insight over our government, corporations, professionals and even the press, the general level of mistrust in these institutions and the individuals that support them have also arguably arisen exponentially.  However, in terms of personal financial and estate planning, these widespread suspicions can be relegated to attractive, yet…

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Why We Avoid Estate Planning

Welcome to the blog!  Thank you for stopping by. A recent survey at indicates that almost half of all Americans have not had any estate planning documents prepared.  A high percentage of these individuals have done no planning at all, and are placing the risk of possibly devastating consequences on their families.  Read more...

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