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Beneficiaries’ Rights: Can I Prevent Michael Vick from Starting?

From 1949 to 1963, the Philadelphia Eagles were owned by about one hundred local businessmen, known as the “100 Brothers”. Each member, one of whom was my great uncle, paid about a $3,000 share to get in, and made a nice profit once they got out. My parents ended up with season tickets for awhile,…

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The System Works – Maryland’s New Power of Attorney Law


Gideon’s Trumpet We all love David vs. Goliath stories.  These are especially satisfying when they involve the legal process.  One of the most celebrated cases involving a huge underdog was Gideon v. Wainwright.  In 1961, Clarence Earl Gideon was found guilty of a crime in a Florida court after having to defend himself since he…

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8 Great Estate Planning Movies of the ‘80s and ‘90s

When I came up with this idea, I thought it was original.  However, California attorney and CPA Keith Schiller is years ahead of me, as evidenced by his “Estate Planning at the Movies” website.  With deference to Mr. Schiller, I introduce my 8 favorite movies of the 1980s and 1990s containing estate planning themes (links…

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Estate Planning for Intellectual Property (with Celebrity Examples)

When a person writes a novel, composes music or creates a painting, not only does she become the owner of the work, but she also holds the potentially valuable “intellectual property” rights to exclusively profit from her efforts.  Such rights are protected by federal copyright and trademark laws (just as inventions are protected by patent…

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