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These posts include topics related to estate planning, such as financial planning, planning for others, and scenarios that have occurred in estates of the rich and famous.

Building Your Estate: Emergency Funds


Second in an occasional series about foundational financial planning strategies. What is an Emergency Fund? An emergency fund is an amount of money you set aside that only used for a “rainy day” – unexpected events that must be handled financially.  Read more...

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Building Your Estate: 2 Essential Debt Reduction Concepts


First in an occasional series about foundational financial planning strategies. I have been fortunate enough to receive some nice feedback on this post about ways to spend an extra $1,000.  In the following weeks, I will take an individual look at each of the 12 foundational strategies listed as ways of building your “estate” more…

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Quaids and Star Whackers Need a Refresher Course


Attorney-extraordinaire Jason Miller, a regular reader of this blog, alerted me to this ongoing saga about Randy Quaid and his wife Evi. To summarize, the Quaids believe that they are being pursued by a Hollywood cult called the “Star Whackers”. During their “escape”, the Quaids trashed their former home, skipped out on some large hotel…

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In Appreciation — October 2010


This is the end of my third month of blogging.  To remain humble and thankful, I try to take a post on the last day of each month to thank those that have been of great help and support to me and my efforts.  I have much to be thankful for!  Read more...

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Pet Trusts: Closing the Stable Door Before the Horse Bolts


I always find it amusing when a series of strange events inspires an estate planning post.  Here, I have a series of real and fictional horses to thank for today’s discussion.  Read more...

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Who Will Choose Your Kids’ Guardian and Custodian?


All parents of minor children should have at least a will.  Let me repeat.  All parents of minor children should have at least a will.  If you are a parent with minor children and you don’t have a will, you must get it done. Why?  The following are the major consequences if you do not:…

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The Rarity of Lawyer Jokes (with 3 of My Favorites)


I cannot believe that people make jokes about lawyers.  Sure there is the occasional misdeed and bad apples, but overall, we rock!  I am sure you are as shocked as I am.  To prove how squeaky clean we are, I Googled “lawyer jokes” as compared to other careers and got the following results:  Read more...…

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19 Prudent Uses of $1000 and Choosing Between Them


I recently spotted an interesting question on Yahoo! Answers:  With an extra $1,000, should one hire an estate planning attorney or a financial planner?  This post will borrow from both disciplines to provide more specificity regarding many ways you can either begin to build or add to your solid financial foundation.  Read more...

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In Appreciation — September 2010


Image by clevercupcakes via Flickr My second month of blogging ends today.  As I did at the end of my first month, I want to take a post to thank the people who have generously given me extraordinary support, as well as many thought-provoking ideas and concepts.  Read more...

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The Beatles: Cryptic Estate Planning Lyrics?

Whenever we hear a song that has somewhat puzzling lyrics, it seems to be a favorite pastime of ours to figure out what the artists were trying to say.  But did you ever notice that common interpretations inevitably lead to some kind of carnal act, worship of an unsavory figure or a political or religious…

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