Special Circumstances

While many think they just need a will, many differing situations result in extra planning needs. For instance, a divorce, special needs, and non-traditional relationships tend to require additional consideration in your estate plan.

Estate Planning for Intellectual Property (with Celebrity Examples)

When a person writes a novel, composes music or creates a painting, not only does she become the owner of the work, but she also holds the potentially valuable “intellectual property” rights to exclusively profit from her efforts.  Such rights are protected by federal copyright and trademark laws (just as inventions are protected by patent…

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“I Just Need a Simple Will”

Many who decide to take the leap of setting up an estate plan approach the issue by seeking the least expensive, yet still effective strategy. This is especially true during a recession.  While this may be appropriate for some, let’s examine some situations where your will may not end up being so simple:  Read more...

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