Choosing Your Personal Representative

August 11, 2010

One of the most important tasks in preparing your estate is choosing who will fulfill the responsibilities of carrying out the closure of your assets and liabilities.  Once appointed, your personal representative (or “agent”) will have the fiduciary duty to act in your estate’s best interests.  Violation of this or other duties could result in…

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Estate Planning for Intellectual Property (with Celebrity Examples)

August 10, 2010

When a person writes a novel, composes music or creates a painting, not only does she become the owner of the work, but she also holds the potentially valuable “intellectual property” rights to exclusively profit from her efforts.  Such rights are protected by federal copyright and trademark laws (just as inventions are protected by patent…

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Drive-Thrus & Attorney Fees

August 9, 2010

In developing this blog, I have received valuable training and coaching from the good folks over at “Start Blogging Today”.  One of the things they emphasize is that the blogger should try to maintain specialization in the blog’s topic rather than an “include the kitchen sink” approach.  I have taken this advice as a challenge…

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Do Your Advance Medical Directives Consider HIPAA?

August 8, 2010

The HIPAA Privacy Rule — Remember all those new forms you had to fill out at your doctors’ offices starting several years ago? The Privacy Rule of the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (hereinafter “HIPAA”) was passed by Congress in 2003, and it provides distinct regulations about the privacy of your Protected Health Information…

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“I Just Need a Simple Will”

August 7, 2010

Many who decide to take the leap of setting up an estate plan approach the issue by seeking the least expensive, yet still effective strategy. This is especially true during a recession.  While this may be appropriate for some, let’s examine some situations where your will may not end up being so simple:  Read more...

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Distrust as a Distraction to Planning (Part I)

August 6, 2010

While we seem to have ever-increasing access and insight over our government, corporations, professionals and even the press, the general level of mistrust in these institutions and the individuals that support them have also arguably arisen exponentially.  However, in terms of personal financial and estate planning, these widespread suspicions can be relegated to attractive, yet…

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Why We Avoid Estate Planning

August 4, 2010

Welcome to the blog!  Thank you for stopping by. A recent survey at indicates that almost half of all Americans have not had any estate planning documents prepared.  A high percentage of these individuals have done no planning at all, and are placing the risk of possibly devastating consequences on their families.  Read more...

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