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Professionalism Still Exists (Thank You David A. Shulman, Esq.)


It is perhaps not very well known that the ethics rules for lawyers cover behavior not only during but also outside of working hours.  According to the Preamble of the Virginia Rules of Professional Conduct: [1] A lawyer is a representative of clients or a neutral third party, an officer of the legal system and…

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Last Week in Estate Planning (July 17 to July 23, 2011)


One of my favorite passages in literature comes from Devotions Upon Emergent Occasions, Meditation XVII, by poet John Donne, written in 1624:  Read more...

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How Much Do You Really Want to Know About Your Estate Plan?


I received some interesting comments on my last post from Jennifer Deland, a Massachusetts estate planning attorney.  To paraphrase, she expressed that the typical estate planning client is really not interested in the technical language stated in the law.  Instead, it is of utmost importance to determine what the client thinks the documents say and…

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