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5 Reasons Digital Estate Planning Hasn’t Caught On … Yet


I got a nice note from a Boston University graduate student several weeks ago asking me to address some of her questions about digital estate planning, which in turn triggered this post.  For a summary introduction on this topic, I humbly offer these posts (Digital Assets, Part I, Digital Assets, Part II, and Steps to…

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“Stairway to Heaven” – A Shameless Estate Planning Plug?


My son’s teacher recently went to a Robert Plant concert, but shared with me that some of her colleagues had never heard of him, Led Zeppelin, or “Stairway to Heaven”!  To my uninformed brethren, “Stairway to Heaven” was written by Led Zeppelin lead singer Robert Plant and guitarist Jimmy Page.  It was released in 1971,…

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Digital Assets: Estate Planning for Online Accounts Becoming Essential (Part II)


Today, we’ll continue our discussion on digital assets (see part I here) by reviewing the current state of the law, including the enforceability of the “Terms of Service” we all click on before opening an online account. Categories of Property First, let’s discuss the broad ways that the law defines different kinds of property before…

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Estate Planning for Intellectual Property (with Celebrity Examples)

When a person writes a novel, composes music or creates a painting, not only does she become the owner of the work, but she also holds the potentially valuable “intellectual property” rights to exclusively profit from her efforts.  Such rights are protected by federal copyright and trademark laws (just as inventions are protected by patent…

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