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Estate Planning and Optometry Are Quite Different … Or Are They?

The author's actual glasses in disrepair.  Enhanced image by  Krysteena Marie Photography.

The very glasses that provided “insight”.  Enhanced image by Krysteena Marie Photography. So over the weekend, my glasses broke.  As displayed in the accompanying picture, the top half of the frames are made of metal while each lens is held in by a small elastic band. The glasses lost a battle with my knee and…

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Professionalism Still Exists (Thank You David A. Shulman, Esq.)


It is perhaps not very well known that the ethics rules for lawyers cover behavior not only during but also outside of working hours.  According to the Preamble of the Virginia Rules of Professional Conduct: [1] A lawyer is a representative of clients or a neutral third party, an officer of the legal system and…

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